Board and Management

The Board

Neale Taylor

Neale Taylor

Non-Executive Director and Chairman

Dr. Taylor has extensive technical, operating and commercial experience in oil and gas exploration and production with Esso Australia, Nexus Energy, and Cambrian Oil & Gas Plc. He is a former non-executive director of Terra Gas Trader, former non-executive chairman of Tap Oil, a former managing director of Cambrian Oil & Gas Plc and director of various subsidiaries of Xtract Energy Plc. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

Special responsibilities:  Member of the audit committee, risk committee and remuneration committee.

Other current directorships: None

Former directorships (last 3 years): None

Brad Lingo

Bradley Lingo 

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer 

Mr. Lingo is an experienced international resource & energy executive with a proven track record of successfully building companies in the upstream and midstream oil & gas energy sectors. Mr. Lingo held previous roles in business development, new ventures, mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance with Tenneco Energy and El Paso Corporation in the US and Australia, and Senior Vice President and Head of Oil & Gas at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. More recently Mr. Lingo was Managing Director and CEO of Drillsearch Energy Limited, where he oversaw more than an eight-fold increase in share price and market cap over a period of six years, helping build that company into one of Australia’s leading onshore oil and gas producers. Mr. Lingo’s skills include leadership, ability to build market confidence, financial and technical skills, organisation building, business development and funding capability, and entrepreneurship. His experience also includes equity and debt capital raising, project and transaction financing and structuring to achieve attractive financial, tax, accounting and legal treatment for complex commercial, project and financing transactions, similar to Elk’s current needs.

Special responsibilities: Member of the risk committee and remuneration committee.

Other current directorships: Oilex Ltd

Former directorships (last 3 years): Drillsearch Energy Limited

Russell Krause

Russell Krause 

Non-Executive Director 

Mr. Krause has over 25 years’ experience in Stockbroking and Investment Management with a primary focus on the resources sector. He has held a number of Directorships and Senior Management positions with a number of Australia’s leading firms, including firms with US oil and gas assets. For the past ten years he has worked on a number of North American oil and gas projects in relation to Capital Raising and Corporate Advisory.

Special responsibilities: Chair of the remuneration committee, a member of the  risk committee and Chair of the audit committee.

Other current directorships: Speciality Metals International Limited, Austex Oil Limited

Former directorships (last 3 years): Red Sky Energy Limited

Timothy Hargreaves

Timothy Hargreaves 

Non-Executive Director

Mr Hargreaves has over 35 years’ experience in technical and managerial roles in the petroleum and minerals sectors in Asia and the Middle East for major companies including BHP, Union Texas Petroleum and Fletcher Challenge Petroleum as well as start-ups and independents. He has led successful exploration and commercialisation campaigns in Pakistan and Egypt which were dependent upon technical and commercial innovation in complex regulatory environments. Since 2009 he has been Research Director of Resources for Republic Investment Management, a Singapore based investment fund that is a major investor in Elk and has been a major participant in the rejuvenation of Elk including being the lead investor in the Convertible Loan Facility of April 2015 and a sub-underwriter of the June 2016 Entitlement Offer. He is a former  Director of Skyland Petroleum Limited (ASX : SKP) and Indo Gold Limited.

Special responsibilities: Chair of the risk committee, a member of the remuneration committee and a member of the audit committee.

Other current directorships: Panthera Resources PLC

Former directorships (last 3 years): Skyland Petroleum Limited, Indo Gold Limited

The Executives 


David Evans

David Evans 

COO, Sydney

Mr. Evans is a geologist with 30 years upstream global oil & gas development, production and exploration experience, with significant exposure to Brownfield redevelopments and EOR projects. He joins Elk Petroleum from the former Drillsearch where over a 6-year period he held the positions of Chief Technical Officer and Acting Chief Operating Officer.

David Franks

David Franks 

B.Ec, CA F Fin, JP, FGIA – Joint Company Secretary

Mr. Franks has 20 years in finance and accounting, initially qualifying with PricewaterhouseCoopers (formerly Price Waterhouse) in their Business Services and Corporate Finance Divisions, Mr. Franks has been CFO, Company secretary and/or Director for numerous ASX listed and unlisted public and private companies, in a range of industries covering energy retailing, transport, financial services, mineral exploration, technology, automotive, software development and healthcare.

Current directorships: JCurve Solutions Limited

Andrew Bursill

Andrew Bursill

B. Agr. Ec, CA, FGIA – Joint Company Secretary

Mr. Bursill qualified with PricewaterhouseCoopers then began his career as an outsourced CFO and company secretary in 1998. Mr. Bursill has been CFO, company secretary and/or director for numerous ASX listed, unlisted public and private companies, in a range of industries covering mineral exploration, oil and gas exploration, biotechnology, technology, medical devices, retail, venture capital and wine manufacture and distribution. 

Current directorships: Argonaut Resources Limited





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